Welcome Public Central School

The Public Central School had been started far from the madding crowd in the year 2007 by the young, dynamic, innovative, successful professionals, educationists & energetic entrepreneurs on the demand of the people of this locality with an aim to impart proper education to the children. In fact education is that which helps an individual to blossom completely, The Public Central School is our heartiest tributes to those prominent persons whose names are the identity of our society. The Public Central School had been nothing more than a "Good Idea". We are trying our best to originate moral, cultural, National and spiritual values in our students. We impart education "TO BUILD" and education "TO PAY".

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As a principal I owe certain obligatory responsibility to students, parents teachers and the school as a whole with my varied experiences I wish to express my views on education.

In my opinion Education is a sincere and disciplined endeavor to link the mind with the self. That is why the motto of the school is “Sa Vidya...

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